Team Leaders

Maud Cassaignau, Lecturer MADA, XPACE architecture +urban design
Tom Morgan, Lecturer MADA

MADA Students

Arman Ahangar Nazari
Clare Angela Barclay
Sanderson James Bell
Rosemary Mei Ling Cheah
Hilary Meaghan Duff
Andrew Peter Dunlop Wright
Benjamin Joseph Kampschoer
Su-Yiin Emily Lai
Lee Dung Nguyen Hoang
Andy Lim
Thomas Richard Linschoten
Viet Luc
Victoria Jayne Merrett
Anh Vu Nguyen
An Thai Vu Thanh
Kai Aurelien Zhu

Contributors and Critics

Markus Jung, Senior Lecturer MADA, XPACE architecture +urban design
Dr Heike Rahman, Lecturer RMIT
Dr Gretchen Wilkins, Senior Lecturer RMIT
Simon Whibley, Lecturer RMIT, SWA
Laura Harper, Lecturer MADA, NMBW
Louise Chiodo, PhD Candidate, Melbourne University

Data Sources and Platforms

The research made use of a number of open data sources. Students collaborated to map existing communities and features on the OpenStreetMap platform. The scale of the work is evidenced in change-logs and in the visual documentation of the morphology of communities across the territory of the transect. In many cases students provided fine-grain mapping of building footprints and use – where this was previously nonexistent. Students may be recognised on the OSM platform by the InExtremis_ prefix before their user name.

Researchers utilised carto-db to layer vector data and annotations over their suite of responsive web-maps.

The base maps are served by Mapbox, which generously provides hosting for educational and academic purposes.

The site is built on JEO – a custom wordpress theme designed for geo-journalism. Minor cosmetic changes should not obscure the robust platform that cardume have provided – a platform that has facilitated the collaborative efforts of a studio over a semester.

Data was derived from the various Asutralian open-data portals – chief amongst them – although regional and state sources were also used.

Increasingly, we find ourselves working with huge data-sets and complex geometries. Researchers used Arcgis Online to co-ordinate these resources. A complete collection of the research output is available at the studio’s Arcgis online group.

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