Western Boundary



Site Plan showing western boundary of water system. Pavilions linking surrounding landscape.




Flood section

Flood condition section.

Showing pavilion below water line inundated with flood waters. Lookout can proves vantage point of flood plains.


top lookouts flooded persp

View from within boundary of town. Showing wetlands transitioning muddy flood waters into town system.



inside lookout persp 2

View inside lookout below flood line. Shown during dry season. Flood line visible as marking on wall.



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Town Centre



Nolli Plan showing activation of pedestrianised main street


__Bar section2

Section through main street. Showing intervention knitting town together & activating space. In this case  connecting to pubs on either side of the road.




Bar persp

The new spaces created ensure the system is integrated into the township successfully.

Interactions with water are highlighted through exposed sections of the wetland as well as a deliberate staining of the internal walls during wet seasons via the roof.

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Site plan showing integration of residential, public (school & oval) and new docking station, via roof/wetland network

NEW complex sectoin _DESAT

Long section showing roof and wetland network weaving together the town



Public spaces created




Public linking with residential spaces.  Wetland creates a micro-climate to link to houses using evaporative cooling & shading.


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Regional system5001-15-lima-ArtesianGroupDiag


Winton Water Scheme



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Regional system

Issues Currently Faced:

flood                  aquifer-draw       rain

Seasonal Flood Inundation                                      Depleting Aquifer Reserves                                     Rainfall Under-utilised

Systems to be implemented:



Cleansing wetland system implemented