Nomadic farming




A strategy to improve the issue of food security in remote Australian communities through mobile infrastructure










 Nomadic agricultural infrastructure provides access to food production resources, decreasing the reliance on importing
and exporting produce and increasing agricultural land


150607 RENDER Grain silo in landscape 2030
2030 – Mobile Infrastructure (Grain Silo) in landscape



150607 RENDER Grain silo in landscape 2050
2050 – Increasing arable land





151610 AXO production line






Mobile Infrastructure & vehicles


150610 ELEVATION machines

150610 DIAGRAM collection production system

150607 RENDER Abattoir

Mobile Abattoir/Dairy collecting cattle






Effect on sub-node communities


150610 SITEPLAN treeti


Mobile Infrastructure docking into Tree Ti
Dock is located at the edge of sub-node towns, for the town to expand and grow around the docking station


150607 RENDER Abattoir in dock


Kitchen of Abattoir/Dairy is used as a restaurant or food service in docking station


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